Shoulder pain

We can help rehabilitate some shoulder problems

Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain can often develop from poor postural habits, weakness and inhibition of various muscles, stiffness or over-activity in other muscles. Poor shoulder mechanics can lead to both pain and stiffness.

The shoulder joint is a ball (humeral head) and socket (part of the scapular) joint which means that it is very mobile. It controlled by a complex array of muscles, tendons and ligaments. The rotator cuff comprises four muscles whose primary action is to compress and depress the head of the humerus, thus allowing it to roll, slide and glide during movement smoothly. If one or more of these muscles is compromised, by poor posture or injury, then the humeral head can’t hold its central position in the socket, and it moves upwards, causing impingement.

Shoulder impingement is very common and usually involves the Supraspinatus tendon. It can be caused by any activity involving repeated overhead movements, for example, many jobs in the construction industry, decorating as well as any sports with an overhead component such as swimming, tennis and field athletics such as the javelin.

Both the ligaments and muscles surrounding the shoulder joint need to be healthy and strong and therefore functioning normally as any changes to the normal shoulder mechanics of this very mobile joint predispose it to injury.

Shoulder treatment usually involves identifying causal factors and advising on proper rehab and management.

Poor shoulder mechanics can lead to pain.
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