Rehabilitation pilates at the Victoria Chiropractic Clinic


Pilates is an ideal complement to chiropractic to improve your core muscle strength and flexibility.

UK NICE guidance recommends including exercise as part of a manual therapy treatment package for non invasive treatment of low back pain with or without sciatica.

Our small group Pilates classes are designed to improve muscle strength and tone, flexibility as part of a rehabilitation package. Pilates exercises can help with spinal stability, posture and balance by training the abdominal and para-spinal muscles.

Combined with chiropractic care, advice, and general aerobic exercise, Pilates exercises can help with the recovery of back and ne1ck injuries and are a great way to build core strength.

We offer stand-alone classes for different fitness levels and skill, as well as specific classes which focus on exercises suitable for those recovering from a history of back pain, and injury.

Our classes are small, which means the instructor can closely watch your technique.

We can also offer one-to-one classes, tailored to your specific needs. Talk to our friendly reception staff for details.

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