We offer several massage and soft tissue therapies to complement chiropractic treatment.

Massage and soft tissue therapy

SOFT TISSUE THERAPY aims to treat all minor and chronic injuries, whether caused through sport or any other lifestyle factors, using massage and other more advanced techniques. It also aims to identify the root causes of injury, such as poor posture, past injury or occupational stress factors and offers more long-term improvements in physical wellbeing and injury prevention.

SPORTS MASSAGE specialises in deep tissue/ remedial massage, concentrating on any areas of specific pain and injury. Working alongside the chiropractors this helps ease muscle pain and prevent further injuries and damage.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE is a wonderful complementary choice for parental care. It is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. Massage relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy such as backaches, stiff neck, headaches and swelling. It can help calm both yourself and baby. We would recommend that you have this massage during the second and third trimester.

LASTONE MASSAGE uses warm stones to massage with. This massage is great for anyone suffering from muscle aches and pains and is good for stress management.

DAOYIN TAO face, neck and shoulder massage consists of using acupressure points based on the face, neck and shoulders to help bring balance to the body using the energy points. A Daoyin Tao massage can be used alongside other massage, for example a back, neck and shoulder massage.

BABY MASSAGE has many benefits and is a wonderful way to teach parents how to perform such a natural and beautiful technique to aid relaxation and help with any ailments the baby may be suffering from. We run both group and private baby massages at the clinic.

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