Back pain

Back pain is so common that most people will suffer one or more episodes in their life.

Back pain

Back pain can be persistent, frustrating and debilitating.

The good news is that many instances of back pain resolve themselves but some need treatment. However, when necessary can assist with chronic and acute back pain conditions.

The key to a successful outcome is to establish what type of back pain you are suffering from.

Most people with back pain have what is referred to as “simple backache”, which means the problem is not associated with any serious underlying condition and is the result of damage to the joints, muscles and ligaments and therefore normal movement patterns.

Back pain is also called a sprain /strain injury or mechanical back pain.

Simple back pain can result from injury from:

  • heavy or repetitive lifting
  • pulling or pushing
  • poor posture
  • a sedentary lifestyle

  • Wear and tear of the joints and discs in the spine, as we age, can also result in stiffness and pain. The nerves and spinal cord are not compressed or irritated in this type of back pain.

    With the use of chiropractic manipulation, mobilisation and rehabilitative exercises we can help ease symptoms, improve movement and reduce pain.

    Back pain is a common problem
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