Aesthetics and Electrolysis

at the Victoria Clinic

Aesthetic skincare and Electrolysis

Aesthetic skincare has grown in popularity lately as clients seek non-surgical treatments with limited or no recovery time but require instant results. Cherie Ramsay offers a range of treatments to treat skin concerns and lesions without causing lots of discomfort and lengthy recovery times.

All aesthetic skincare treatments start with an investigative skin analysis and a prescriptive home care regime to prepare the skin for further treatment.

Chemical peel treatments are renowned for treating all skin concerns, but mostly acne, ageing and pigmentation. The treatment removes the stratum corneum (uppermost layer) through the use of specialised acids safely applied to the desired area.

Micro-needling uses an electronic pen that provides a sped-up puncturing action on the skin, which promotes the healing process for the skin.

Electrolysis is a treatment that helps destroy hair follicles or remove skin lesions. The NHS uses electrolysis; however, minor benign lesions are deemed as cosmetic and therefore, can be removed by a qualified skin therapist.

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