Frequently asked questions

Here are some FAQs relating to our chiropractic treatments

Usually the same or following day. We will always try and accommodate your needs promptly.
Either give us a call on 01483 723688, book online or email at
The length of a course of treatment will vary depending on a variety of factors which include, duration of the problem, severity, your general health, age and ability to heal as well as, in some cases, your occupation.

Symptom relief
This typically can take 5-8 treatments and improvement is usually well under way after 3-4 visits. If you don’t respond well, or as expected to treatment, we will reassess and if necessary refer you for further testing or opinion.

This can begin in tandem with symptom relief and usually involves stretching and strengthening exercises as well as posture and ergonomic advice for home and work.

If necessary we can provide care aimed at prevention and reducing the risk of recurrence. This is individual and usually ranges between 2 and 12 months and can be part of a strategy to help manage back pain long term
The chiropractic first visit usually takes up to 1 hour and can include the first treatment. Subsequent visits last 15-20 minutes.

Other therapies, please contact us
Usually no, however if you have certain types of medical insurance then it may be a requirement of the insurance provider. You will need to check the terms of your policy.

Other therapies, please contact us
If you have had any recent investigations, scans or x-ray reports they are always useful. We will also need to know details of any medications, illnesses or surgery you may have had. It is helpful to wear loose lightweight clothing, but we do provide gowns if necessary.
No. We treat everybody from children to people in their 80's and 90's.

Private health insurance

Most private health insurers cover the cost of Chiropractic treatment and the Victoria Chiropractic Clinic is recognised by all major health insurers.

Please check with your insurance provider to see if your plan covers treatment.